Improper bites are a very common phenomenon. Despite that, very few people undergo treatment to fix that. Cosmetic Dentists Toronto can help you to solve this problem by treating the improper bites. The improper bites could cause various issues like jaw issues and even tooth irregularity. If you have an improper bite, then it is time to book your appointment. It is always better to educate yourself about the procedure. Here is how you can get perfectly aligned teeth, which could brighten up your smile.

What are the various available treatment options?

Once you have decided to undergo the orthodontic treatment to get them perfectly aligned teeth, there are three steps that you would have to undergo before you can see the results. In the first stage of the treatment, a device is used to achieve some room in the mouth. This is done so that orthognathic surgery can be performed. For example, the palatal expanders are used to expand the palate’s width, and the lingual bars are usually used to expand the lower jaw.

In the course of the second stage of the procedure, there is an active correction. This active correction is done once the braces have been positioned on your teeth. The teeth are then adjusted and evened out. Also, at the same time, it corrects malocclusion. This is usually done over a period of time, which depends on person to person. This is so because the teeth’ irregularity and the jaw problems are not the same for everyone. The next stage, which is the third stage, is also known as the retention stage. In this stage, the braces are finally removed. The teeth are then monitored with a retainer’s help, which could be either fixed or removable. However, once all of this is over, you would still need to regularly visit the dentist to maintain your teeth’ new alignment.

As there has been advancement in the world of cosmetic dentistry, the braces today are usually attached to the teeth’ cheek side and the tongue side of the teeth. This attachment usually depends upon the recommendations. The bands, braces, and archwires are also available in various colors. An alternative to the braces has also been brought about with the introduction of the Invisalign treatment, in which removable aligners are used, which are to be worn through to help the teeth move.

What is the reason behind crooked teeth?

There are multiple reasons why you might have crooked teeth. One of the biggest reasons could be genetic factors. The genetic factors include teeth that have excessive space, crammed teeth, and malocclusions. The teeth could also become crooked due to thumb-sucking or if your jaw has faced any injuries or even tongue thrusting.

How to care for your newly aligned teeth?

After removing the braces, you would have to wear the retainer through the day. The retainer can be cleaned with warm water, toothpaste, and a toothbrush. It would be best if you made it a point to see your dentist at least twice a year for cleaning and maintenance.