Going from Workout Fanatic to Successful Personal Trainer



    Whether the ultimate goal is slimming, muscle building or post-trauma rehabilitation, the fitness instructor helps his clients find the training plan that best suits their needs. Do you want to help other sportsmen to improve themselves and achieve their goals? Then the profession of the fitness instructor is the one for you. We explain how to get closer to this job and what your daily tasks would be.

    What does a fitness instructor do?

    A fitness instructor works to ensure that their clients maintain or improve their fitness. In this sense, his profession has many facets . You can work as a personal trainer and follow individual people or become a fitness instructor and manage courses with multiple participants, such as aerobics or yoga classes.

    Yoga class

    The group instructor runs fitness classes like yoga. Is a fitness instructor at the same time a trainer or personal trainer or fitness consultant? Yes, in fact it is the same person. In reality, however, the titles ‘fitness instructor’, ‘personal trainer’ etc. they are not legally protected . So if you want to complete a training as a fitness instructor, you should be well informed on all the aspects that are hidden behind this job and if the respective training contents reflect your expectations. Learn about the content: perhaps training for example as a coach by a particular employer suits you more than training as a fitness instructor offered by another employer.

    Fitness instructor with senior and dumbbells

    The fitness instructor is a consultant for young and old.

    If you decide to go it alone, you should exactly describe your performance. On your website, Facebook etc. write down in detail what you offer your customers and what qualifications you have.


    Tasks: What does a fitness instructor do?

    It is very important for many fitness instructors to be able to perform many different activities. We have collected some typical fitness instructor tasks for you. The fitness instructor also takes care of sports diagnostics. For doing all these he needs to be properly trained and certified. Regarding the certification you can visit https://www.nestacertified.com/personal-fitness-trainer-certification/ and find out the essential options there.

    The fitness instructor deals with sports diagnostics before and after training, draws up customized training plans based on the assessments made, advises its customers on the type of food, guide groups and individuals during exercises, He is the contact person for sportsmen in the gym. He corrects its customers if they perform an exercise incorrectly, offers fitness classes , such as aerobics and / or yoga classes.

    There are also specialization courses in various areas. The courses allow you to direct your work towards a particular aspect, such as group nutrition or group fitness.

    Operating site: Where does a fitness instructor work?

    Fitness instructors don’t just work in the gym. They work in different places like:

    • in the gym
    • at sports associations
    • at rehabilitation centers
    • at hotels
    • at recreational centers 

    The Opportunities are many and so you can be sure to get a lot of career options as a physica trainer. Visit https://www.nestacertified.com for more on this.