Geoff Fraser Nursing Home Takes Care of its Residents


When a loved one is no longer able to live on their own, families must find a good, caring nursing home for them to live in. It cannot and should not be an easy decision. The people who love the person going into an assisted living facility should shop around and do some research to find one that will meet their loved one’s needs in a professional, caring way. The resident must be safe and well cared for as well as having social living opportunities.

Choosing the Right Assisted Living Facility

Assisted living nursing homes such as a Geoff Fraser Nursing Home take great pains to serve their residents in the best ways possible. They use innovative programs to improve the lives and care of their residents. Geoff Fraser who is in the management group of the nursing home seeks to develop programs like taking residents to a college that trains nursing care students to give them real experience in working in the eldercare field.

Partnering with nurse training schools can bring better caregivers to nursing homes. This is a definite benefit to the residents. Choosing a nursing home for a loved one that is open to this kind of innovation is a good plan. Geoff Fraser has won numerous humanitarian awards for the various charitable programs he funds.

When choosing an assisted living facility for a loved one, make sure they have plans in place to keep residents safe from the spread of any disease, including COVID 19. Many nursing homes have had COVID outbreaks they were not prepared for and it cost residents their lives or some scary days of being very ill. It is imperative to ask the facility to prove they have plans to prevent residents from getting sick with this dangerous virus.

Caring for COVID Positive Elderly

One of Geoff Fraser’s Senior Centers, called Dolphin Point, has been designated as a care center for COVID-positive seniors from other assisted living facilities. When residents of local Florida care centers have tested positive for COVID but are not sick enough to be admitted to local hospitals, they are moved to this facility where they receive excellent care in a safe environment.

When each patient tests negative and is negative for a prescribed number of days, they are returned to their assisted living facility. This assures the COVID positive patient good care and prevents them from spreading the disease to other assisted living residents. This facility is the first of its kind in Florida and is filling a real need in the healthcare industry.

Assisted living facilities that send their COVID-positive patients to this facility are protecting their residents and workers from the further spread of this dangerous disease.

Don’t Stop Physical Therapy Because of COVID 19

Geoff Fraser believes that patients and nursing home residents should not be taken off physical therapy because of COVID 19. They need physical therapy to get a full recovery from injuries and other health conditions. When a person has recovered from COVID and is physically able, they should return to physical therapy adjusted to their health condition. When proper precautions are taken, residents will be safe and the therapy will help them heal.