Frequently Asked Questions About Berkey Replacement Filters


After buying a water filter and Berkey replacement filters, you will have no issues providing safe and clean drinking water from now on. Cleanliness should be expected in every household, especially with the presence of coronavirus everywhere. Even the water you drink can potentially be contaminated with the virus if you do not know where it has been, so a water filter is necessary to have in your home.

If you are new to using a water filter, you need to make sure that you know how to operate and maintain it. Sometimes, people would throw away the user’s manual that came along with the water filter, and they would end up breaking and damaging it in the long run. Getting the proper answers about your water filter can be challenging to find. Fortunately, you can find several AQs from other water filter owners and experts to give you the right answers.

FAQ #1: Is a water filter necessary?

Nowadays, owning a water filter is necessary to provide safe and clean water for drinking, showering, or bathing. Most modern homes need to have a high-end water filtration system because of the potential contaminants that can cause severe health complications. A water filter is also crucial if you live in a city close to industries that produce hazardous waste.

Even if you have a water company within your area that provides clean water to residential and commercial buildings, you should not completely trust them because the water still passes through pipes that could potentially be damaged. The water company also mixes chlorine into the water used to clean it efficiently and remove toxic algae and bacteria.

You should note that chlorine is only safe for external use, such as showering, washing cars, and everything else that does not involve ingesting the water. The best way to remove the chlorine from the water is by using a water filtration system in your home. You do not have to worry about contaminated water anymore because you have a water filter that automatically cleans the water before it comes out of the faucet.

FAQ #2: Is it okay to buy a pack of bottled water to drink at home?

While bottled water can guarantee it is safe to drink, it may not be the most practical thing to do. Buying a pack of bottled water will cost you more compared to using a water filter. It would be best to use a water filter because it usually requires minimal maintenance, and you only need to replace the filter cartridges after a while. If you want to save time replacing the filters, make sure you store extra Berkey replacement filters.

You need to know that bottled water is not 100% clean as advertised. In some cases, manufacturers store spring or city water that does not pass through a water filter. There are also instances when they remove the chlorine from the water to eliminate the odd taste, failing to eliminate the other harmful chemicals in the water.

Apart from the unsure water, you also have to think about how long it has been in storage. Over time, bacteria can grow inside the bottled water even if it has never been opened before. Even if the manufacturer advertises it as BPA Free, you can still find small traces of it. Both BPA and BPS are toxic chemicals that leach into the water.

FAQ #3: How long can a shower filter last?

You may have encountered instances when your shower water does not feel right, so you opt to buy a shower filter to clean it, and it works. However, you need to learn when to replace it if you want to continue having clean shower water. Usually, an average shower filter will last in your showerhead for at least six months.

After the 6th month period, you need to replace it right away because many contaminants are stuck on the filter. The water passing through the worn-out filter will transfer to your body, rendering its feature useless. You can find many benefits of using a shower filter, such as keeping your hair healthier by removing the adverse effects of soft and hard water and remove 99% of chlorine, which can damage your hair over time.

Hopefully, the frequently asked questions can help you understand your water filter better. If you want to get better and accurate answers, it would be best to utilize the user’s manual that came with the water filter. It is not a good idea to completely trust searching on the internet for answers about your water filter unless it comes from the manufacturer’s site directly.