Find the Most Exceptional CBD Packaging Solutions


The simple corrugated box is destined to play a huge role in the future of CBD tincture boxes packaging. CBD safety, environmental friendliness, ease of transportation and cost-effectiveness corrugated packaging for CBD products meets all these criteria.

Both brand owners and retailers today are actively competing for consumer attention at the point of sale, and therefore are paying more and more attention to branding, promotion, product and packaging innovation, and pricing. Secondary packaging is also gaining in importance as a carrier of the brand’s style and needs high-quality printing and effective design.

The holistic approach encompasses packaging materials, design, palletizing, storage and the packaging process. We help brand owners and retailers make packaging part of their marketing strategy and pricing to deliver higher value at a lower cost. We can help you ensure that your cbd packaging boxes packaging is safe, lightweight and durable just the way it’s supposed to be. Together with you, we will carefully select packaging materials and develop a design that will protect your products from damage and deterioration on the way.

Key Benefits

Advantages of corrugated board and packaging from it for the CBD industry:

  • Improved packaging experience, positive brand perception and increased sales with the ability to customize and print to any size, shape, or shape
  • Reduced costs at all stages of the value chain
  • Ideal for retail packaging and shelf-ready packaging that can reduce the labor cost of restocking on the sales floor
  • CBD packaging services including innovative design, packaging automation, selection of the right corrugated board density, smart packaging and customized solutions for your needs

Packaging contributes to increased sales through clearer shelf presentation or smarter use of space. With its help, you can influence the habits of buyers by displaying products in a new format and, thereby, stimulating unplanned purchases or the acquisition of additional products.

Packaging improves profitability by reducing the time spent by store employees. Standard shipping or shelf-ready packaging with clear opening instructions, correct perforations and tear-off straps all speed up unpacking. Replacing single items on shelves with trays or ready-to-shelf packaging can significantly reduce replenishment costs (from 2.5 – 3.0% to 0.8 – 1.0% of sales).

Classification of Packaging Products

This division is often arbitrary, allowing you to combine several practical qualities in one Custom Boxes with logo packaging product. The greatest demand today is received by services for the development of consumer packaging, which is distinguished by a wide variety of options and materials of manufacture. It is the consumer packaging that is considered “salable”

“Selling” Packaging

“Selling” packaging is an item or a combination of items (containers, tubes, boxes, bags, etc.) intended for packing, transporting, selling goods and helping to increase the level of its sales. As a prerequisite for providing products to the consumer, convenient and attractive packaging can replace a large-scale advertising campaign.