An eye bank is a non-government organization (NGO) controlled and managed by eye bank technicians and medical director. Eye bank evaluates, recover, collects and deliver donated eyes by the loved ones. All donated eyes are restore using strict medical measured and are used for valuable research.

What is involved in corneal transplant?

This is a transplant done on an outpatient basis involving the transplant under local anesthesia. During the surgery the patient doesn’t experience much pain or discomfort. With donated human cornea the damaged cornea is restore. There’s no age restrictions in donations of eye or getting a corneal transplant. After the operation the healing takes up to 8 to 12 months.

Functions of the eye bank

  1. Availability of well educated workers round the clock to receives the calls.
  2. Estimate and supply good corneas to corneal surgeons.
  3. Enable corneal medical study using eyes unfit for grafts to discover new skills, develop preservation techniques and educated corneal surgeons.
  4. NGO helps to accelerate public awareness about donation of eye and eye bank.

Why should we donate eyes?

The eyes is the window the world and window to the soul. In the developing world 34 million people are going blind, but most of them can be cured. Out of 4 million corneal blindness people 65% are children below age 12.

The number of people anticipating corneal transplant is more than the available donor transparent tissues. Corneal transplant is the only replacement for human tissues in the eye. NGO are trying their possible best to help millions of people who are blind to restore their sight.

Top 9 important facts about Eye Donation

  1. You cannot donate eyes if you are alive 
  2. The eyes of the deceased person can be removed within 4-6 hours, and the nearest eye bank must be available immediately.
  3. The eyes can be removed only by a professional doctor.
  4. There are two places where the eye bank team can remove the eyes. It can be done in the hospital or at the deceased house. 
  5. It takes only 10- 15 minutes to remove the eye is very easy and simple, it doesn’t damaged the appearance of the person
  6. Note that, only the transparent part of the eyes called cornea is taken out and not the complete eye ball.
  7. A small quantity of blood will be drawn to rule out transmittable aliments.
  8. The eye donation will remain confidential between the recipient and donor.
  9. There’s nobody that can’t donate eyes.

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