How to Prevent Erectile Dysfunction Problem


Getting older men may experience male health issues. Problems with tight and long erection is a common concern for many men above middle age and even younger. 

There is no point to get stressed about it or wait in fear when impotence strike you. All you need to do is to keep trustworthy remedies at hand with cialis generika kaufen and maintain a healthy lifestyle to prolong men power as much as possible. 

Risk Factors

Impotence comes not with the years only, but with multiple side reasons as well. Look through the main risk factors to avoid common mistakes and stay healthy with no hurdles:

  • Medical conditions – men with diabetes and heart issues are more inclined to suffer from ED;
  • Smoking – it influences blood flow in veins and arteries, weakening it, which may lead to men problems over time; 
  • Being obese – extra weight is another cause for impotence risk;
  • Some medical treatments – men who underwent prostate surgery, or cancer treatment may suffer from erection problems in result;
  • Certain injuries – they cover injuries of nerves and arteries responsible for erection;
  • Medications, including antidepressants, high blood pressure remedies, pain killers, and more, may have a negative impact on male health over time and frequent use;
  • Psychological impact – stress, depressive states, anxiety are frequent reasons for ED;
  • Drug and alcohol use – especially long-term and addicted users end up having difficulties with erection.

If you are getting older it doesn’t mean that you will have problems with sex for sure. It all depends on many predeterminers and decisions you made on your lifestyle. So, visit a doctor regularly, get treatment against your chronic diseases, reduce bad habits, exercise regularly, eat healthily, and you won’t have to bother about erection issues at all.