Freqently Asked Questions About CBD


CBD has been the buzzword of the day among health-conscious consumers for almost two years now, and with good reason. This recently legalized natural substance is a great supplement for any wellness routine. Since CBD has only been broadly available for a few years, a lot of people still don’t understand exactly what it is and how it works. Consumers who are curious but want to make informed decisions about what they put in their bodies can read on to find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about CBD.

What Is CBD?

Short for cannabidiol, CBD is a natural compound found in cannabis plants. It is produced by both female marijuana plants and male hemp plants, but it’sunlike its better-known cousin THC in that it has no serious psychoactive effects. Instead, it’s extracted from the plants and used as the basis for a wide range of wellness products.

How Do People Take CBD?

CBD can be consumed in a few ways. Most modern consumers prefer to use CBD oils and tinctures for oral ingestion, but it can also be applied topically, and the unprocessed flowers of high-hemp-content CBD plants can even be dried and smoked or vaped. There are also plenty of edibles available ranging from capsules to gummies and more.

What Should Consumers Look for in CBD Products?

The most important thing is to find a reputable vendor. Prospective users who are concerned about the potential for THC entering their systems also need to find a company that sells hemp-based products. Consumers can get started exploring their options by visiting Veritas Farms and browsing their wide selection of CBD gummies, tinctures, oils, and more.

Is It Legal to Buy CBD Online?

CBD products and extracts are legal to buy online as long as they have a THC content of 0.3% or less. Just make sure you’re buying CBD from a reputable company willing to provide a certificate of analysis upon request.

Will CBD Show Up on a Drug Test?

Drug tests look for illegal substances, and CBD is not illegal. Some exceptionally sensitive marijuana tests will be able to detect the tiny amount of THC found in full-spectrum products, though. Those who routinely undergo drug testing for marijuana may need to purchase broad-spectrum or isolate products to avoid this issue.

What’s the Difference between Full-Spectrum and Broad-Spectrum Products?

Full-spectrum CBD products are widely regarded as the most effective ones because they have not just CBD, but also an entire range of other cannabinoids, terpenes, and phytochemicals found in hemp plants. These natural substances work together to provide maximum wellness support.

Broad-spectrum products are the next best bet, especially for those worried about even minute amounts of THC exposure. They contain most of the phytochemicals found in hemp plants but without the THC. Isolates contain only CBD.

The Bottom Line

There’s a reason CBD has been getting so much attention lately. More research is coming out every day backing anecdotal evidence that CBD can be used to treat pain, improve sleep habits, reduce anxiety, and much more. There’s no reason to be nervous about trying it for the first time since it is simply a wellness supplement, not a drug, so place an order today.