4 Workout Mistakes that You Must Avoid


Working out is an ideal activity that ensures that your body and mind stay healthy at all times. This is one reason that you will see more and more people working out these days. But, it’s mostly people who visit a gym end up showing tremendous changes. Others, who work out at home do make progress initially. But, the progress stops after initial weight loss and things start getting frustrating thereon. This trend is quite convincing in itself that working out at gyms like West-End Cavendish is the safest way for ideal body and mind training rather than working out, all by yourself, at home.

That much established, we would now like to mention certain workout mistakes that are probably ruining all your efforts. Have a look!

  1. You’re Repeating the Same Routine Daily

Here’s one of the things about working out – body needs variation. If you keep on repeating the same routine daily, you won’t be able to target the other parts of the body. So, remember, variation is the key. This is one reason that you can train in the right way at a gym. That’s because an elite gym like the West-End Cavendish gym has:

  • Latest equipment and machines that can target different body parts.
  • Trainers who help in improving posture and range of motion.
  • Trainers for different forms of exercises – Pilate experts, yoga masters, aerobic and aqua-aerobic trainers, and so on.
  1. You’re Trying Spot Reduction

Spot reduction isn’t a thing – yep, that’s right. You cannot remove fat from one point. The body loses fat from different areas. Thus, what you need is body toning and resistance exercises to target all the areas equally.

This can be best learnt by trainers who prepare daily routines for their classes that will help with your body transformation.

  1. You’re Not Eating Right

Healthy diet is elemental if you want to see results. You can’t be eating a pizza everyday and then working out an extra 30 minutes to balance for it. Human body doesn’t work that way. If you want to see results, you will have to eat a balanced diet devoid of junk food.

In fact, elite clubs like West-End Cavendish have their own cafe that provides clients healthy snacking options to manage hunger pangs after workout sessions.

  1. You’re Skipping Weight Training

Bodyweight training isn’t enough. You need to work out with weights to tone your muscles. The best routine can be chalked down by professional trainers. Your body will also need plyometric exercises from time to time for real results.

So, make sure you’re not doing any of the above-listed workout mistakes if you want to see results.