3 Amazing Herbal Smoking Blends that You Must Try


Cigarettes do a lot more damage than you can actually think. And quitting them is, again, a mammoth of a task. The withdrawal symptoms of nicotine cessation are too overwhelming, which is why it’s better that you take the help of herbal smoking blends in order to ensure that you’re able to go through the entire process to quit smoking cigarettes. Some of those natural products and herbs are the Meo Marley’s herbs for smoking that are:

  1. Nicotine free
  2. THC free
  3. Free of artificial flavours 

In other words, such herbal blends not just help in quitting cigarettes and cannabis, they’re also much safer to smoke since they contain the very herbs that have been treating many diseases for hundreds and thousands of years. Have a look at the three such Meo Marley’s herbal smoking blends that you’ll absolutely love.

  1. OG Herbal Smoking Blend

This awesome herbal blend with a neutral aromatic taste – nothing overwhelming – is made with the following herbs that can powerfully combat many nasty nicotine withdrawal symptoms. 

  • It contains Marshmallows that effectively treat acute and chronic cough and works as a strong pain reliever too.
  • It contains raspberry leaves that can again cure cough alongside treating nicotine withdrawal problems like constipation and nausea.
  • It contains chamomile that works as a charmer against insomnia and anxiety – 2 major withdrawal symptoms that are extremely hard to deal with.
  • Last, it contains Mullein that is helpful in treating the lung damage that cigarettes cause.
  1. Zen Herbal Smoking Blend

This is one of the best selling herbal smoking blends by Meo Marley’s. It is made up of the following 5 herbs. 

  1. Mullein for lung betterment.
  2. Passion flower for anxiety and insomnia. 
  3. Butterfly Pea for uplifting the mood, treating depression and anxiety, and to help you focus better.
  4. Damiana to deal with headaches, depression, and even constipation.
  5. Blueberry leaves to reduce the chances of cancer and other diseases that are a result of oxidative damage caused due to cigarette smoking.
  6. PotPourri Herbal Smoking Blend

This is an amazing flavourful herbal smoking blend with a distinctive sweet sour taste. It contains the following medicinal herbs. 

  1. Skullcap for anxiety.
  2. Mugwort for constipation, pain, and nausea.
  3. Mullein 

It also contains rose petal extracts that give a refreshing aromatic experience to uplift your mood and rescue irritability.

Do try these Meo Marley Herbal Blends to experience the joy of life without having to deal the many side effects of smoking nicotine cigarettes.