What Are the Results of Facet Joint Injections?

What Are the Results of Facet Joint Injections

Do you feel pain while turning or bending your neck or back? Since a lot of conditions can cause this kind of pain and inflexibility all along your spine, your facet joints might play a part. If such a situation occurs, facet joint infections give the first line of protection against this kind of neck pain and back pain. Let us have a look at the outcomes of Using Facet Blocks For Pain Management.

What Can You Expect After a Facet Joint Injection?

The process of the facet joint injection, as well as the preparation and instant revival time, typically takes less than half an hour—no need to worry about anything. Once the procedure is done, the patient will be asked to perform various movements. The patients might be asked to perform a normal action, as well, that earlier caused discomfort. This is a part of the procedure of checking whether the root cause of the pain was found.

Here is an overview of what will happen during the procedure:

1.  Pain

General anesthesia is administered with the steroid so that there is less or no pain for a couple of hours following the injection. The discomfort and soreness following facet injections in Chicago differ from person to person. The first two or three days after the facet joint injection, you might still feel the discomfort that you were feeling earlier until the steroid shows its effect. If the facet joint liable for the pain is cured, you will start feeling relief from the discomfort by the end of the first 7 days following the injection.

2.  Other symptoms

At times, patients feel moderate discomfort associated with the injection spot after the effects of anesthesia get lower. In case the anesthetic spreads through other body parts, the patient might feel mild weakness in the back or neck region. This is not always the case. There might be short-term responses to the steroid medication like irritability or water retention.

3.  Self-assistance

The patients can continue to use the medicines they usually take. The injection spot needs to be kept dry and clean. Besides that, the patients must watch for the odd signs such as fever or infection. The pain will lessen with time, and you can gradually start adding non-laborious activities back to your day-to-day life. This is an excellent way to check whether the injection was injected in the right facet joint or not.