The Universal 320: A Quick Overview


    A cytology centrifuge or a cytospin is a specialized centrifuge that is used to concentrate cells in fluid specimens on the microscope slide. This is done so the specimen can be stained and examined. Cytology centrifuges have been used in the clinical setting for years now.

    A cytology centrifuge is also considered a very helpful tool when concentrating normal and abnormal cells (like those in the cerebrospinal fluid), scanty neoplastic cells, urine, ascites, and other cell suspensions for cytological evaluation. The Universal 320 is considered one of the best cytology centrifuges available in the market today.

    Also considered the universal choice in cytology centrifuges, this model is versatile, compact, and general-purpose. The Universal 320 also has a very high sample throughput cyto centrifuge. Its power can be attributed to its 12-place rotor as well as its comprehensive accessories.

    This results in optimal cell presentation. The Universal 320 also comes with many accessories that improves its performance further. It also allows it to perform many other centrifugation tasks like microliter, cell culture, plates, and blood separation.

    With its compact size and vast capability, the Universal 320 also provides solutions that are flexible for dynamic workflows. It also occupies a small bench space since its width is only 395 mm or 15.5 inches. The Universal is also capable of spinning different plates, standard tubes, bottles and cytology clips.

    Below are some of the amazing features of the Universal 320:


    4 x 200 ml or 6 x 94 ml

    MAX. RCF:


    MAX. RPM:

    16,000 min-1


    approx. 31 kg | 52 kg



    DIMENSIONS ( W x D x H):

    401 x 529 x 346 mm | 407 x 698 x 346 mm