The Right Diets With the Best baby Food


After a diet exclusively based on milk, the baby arrives at a time full of novelties for his palate. Although the pediatrician is still the best advisor on nutrition, the way in which new foods are introduced, with different flavors and textures, and the environment in which the food is developed will contribute to promoting the art of good eat of the child, here are some tips.

Feeding your baby in its first year

During the first year of life, the baby’s digestive system matures to be able to insatiate and digest different types of food apart from milk. Throughout its second year of life, it is mature enough to accept a wide variety of foods and chew properly, so that its diet can be quite similar to that of adults.

When we introduce a new food, we must be cautious and have the approval of the pediatrician, but from that moment we must mix it with those already incorporated and propose a varied and balanced diet to the child. In addition, it is necessary to ensure that they acquire adequate eating habits. So choosing the pedialyte alternatives is most essential here.


Important moments of the baby’s diet

Once you leave your diet exclusively based on milk, you have to start incorporating new foods, following the pediatrician’s instructions. From this moment they will begin to express their particular opinion. You have to be patient, learning to eat takes time.

From 6 months on, with his budding teeth, he will love to chew. Little by little, you should dispense with the fine and homogeneous porridge. Many moms keep the purees for too long. Chewing is essential, not only to guide the eruption of the first teeth, to avoid dental malpositions or to develop adequate jaw development, but also for the correct evolution of language. In addition, proper chewing allows you to savor the food, as it allows the taste buds to obtain valuable information.

From 9 to 12 months, while incorporating new flavors, he wants to be independent and begins to use his fingers to eat: with the spoon it is very difficult! You will need to learn how to handle it, even if the food doesn’t always end up in the right place.

Last Words

With one year, the child can already sit at the table and share the family menu, although you still have to be cautious when introducing new foods. These moments are very important to manage your eating habits correctly. It is not about tricking him into eating (toys, TV, cuteness) or continually scolding him, but leading by example, praising appropriate behaviors (praise, caresses and congratulations) and ensuring that meal times are pleasant. Tricks help for now, but they don’t educate.