The prominence of physical therapy in managing lower back pain



You are not at all alone if you are suffering from back pain. Around 25% of people are diagnosed with the same problem as it has become quite common nowadays. In some cases, the pain is usually mild, while in others, it hampers the lives of people. Note that if other symptoms accompany your lower back pain, you should immediately contact physical therapists. 

  • Loss of bladder or bowel control.
  • Having numbness in the inner thigh or groin region. 

Such type of symptoms might involve a condition named ‘cauda equina’ syndrome. In this, your nerves present at the end of the spinal cord are responsible for controlling bowel, and bladder function is generally squeezed. 

The common signs and symptoms of lower back pain

The prime symptoms of having low back pain are different. You might feel dull, sharp, or burning sensation that can be accompanied by muscle stiffness or spasms. Though, this pain is not life-threatening but can be related to several conditions like degenerative disk disease, lumbar, spinal stenosis, herniated disk, osteoporosis, tumors of the spine, fractures, and osteoarthritis. 

How can physical therapy help you?

Professional physical therapists like RPM Physical Therapy Clinic are assisting millions of people to deal with low back pain. You don’t have to go for expensive surgeries or suffer from side effects if you take physical therapy. Some of the treatments practice by skilled therapists includes

  • Manual therapy
  • Performing flexibility and strengthening exercises. 
  • Educating people about taking care of your back. 
  • Providing training related to lifting, sitting, and bending while doing chores at home as well as office. 
  • Using ice or heat treatments along with electrical stimulation for relieving the pain. 

RPM Physical Therapy Clinic is prepared for helping the people who are suffering from low back pain. Just visit to learn more about us.