The Best Knock Knees Exercises To Correct Genu Valgum


    People with knock knees know just how bothersome this condition can be.

    This misalignment in the knees can cause a lot of pain and discomfort if it’s not taken care of as soon as possible.

    The easiest way to tell if you’re knocked kneed or not is to stand up straight and see whether or not your knees touch each other while your feet stay separated.

    Children under the age of 7 are usually the ones with knocked knees because their bones are not matured and are still growing.

    By the time the child reaches 7 years old usually grow out of this knock kneed phase and their legs straighten out on their own without treatment, stated by My Knock Knee Fix.

    However, if you’re an adult with knock knees there may be an underlying problem causing your knees to curve inward that needs to be treated in order for your knock knees to improve.

    Underlying Problems That Causes Knock Knees

    In adults some of the common underlying problems that causes knock knees include the following:

    • Bone diseases, especially ones that attack the bones surrounding your knees or lower legs.
    • Obesity because it causes a lot of extra pressure to be placed on your knees which eventually causes your legs to bend inward.
    • Any type of injury or infection that causes the bones in your knee or legs to weaken.
    • Arthrits, especially knee arthritis because it weakens the joints in your knees making it easier for them to turn inward.

    These are just some of the most common underlying problems known to cause knock knees in adults.

    In order to be sure what’s causing your knock knees you should go to a doctor experienced with this type of condition and get a diagnosis performed.

    The doctor will ask you a series of questions and also do a physical examination to determine the underlying cause.

    The doctor may also do an X-ray to take a deeper look at your knees to find the problem.

    Knock Knees Exercises

    One of the best ways to treat knock knees is to do exercises that help realign the bones in your knees.

    A couple of the best exercises for knock knees include:


    This knock knees exercise works by strengthening your muscles on the exterior of your thighs.

    To do this exercise do the following below:

    1. First, you’re going to need to stand up straight with your feet at hip width distance.
    2. Now, place an exercise band around the bottom of your knees.
    3. Gradually lift one of your legs backwards and up as if you’re about to kick a ball.
    4. Next, hold this position for a few seconds before releasing and dropping your legs back to the starting position.

    Repeat this exercise about 10 times with each leg.


    The next exercise known to help correct knock knees are lunges.

    Lunges help fix knock knees because it helps strengthen weak muscles around the knees, and stretch out tight muscles.

    To do this exercise do the following:

    1. First, stand up straight and take one step forward with one of your legs until your foot is a fwe feet in front of you.
    2. Now, bend both of your knees until they reach a 90 degree angle and drop to the ground.
    3. Next, slowly return to the standing position and repeat this exercise for about 10 reps.


    Dealing with knock knees everyday can definitely be difficult, especially if your condition is severe.

    Hopefully, these exercises above can help at least reduce the symptoms of your knock knees and help you get relief from symptoms such as chronic pain.