Signs You May Be Addicted to Gambling


When you have gambling addiction your life becomes dominated by the need to gamble again and again, even though you know it has harmful consequences on your family, your job, and your own health and well-being. If you’re addicted to gambling, you may find yourself unable to stop spending money on gambling no matter how much debt it puts you in or how many nights you neglect to sleep to play online poker until 4 AM every morning. Here are some signs that you may be addicted to gambling and need help at a rehab centre before it’s too late.

Lying About Gaming Sessions

If you start lying about how much you’re gambling, especially when asked by friends and family, it’s a sign that your habit is getting out of control. Even if your relatives don’t ask, you may feel pressured to lie about how much you’re spending on gaming sessions. If you find yourself exaggerating your wins or downplaying your losses, there’s a good chance you could have a gambling problem.

Excessive Gaming

If you spend a lot of time on gambling and don’t achieve any other goals, it may be that you are addicted. It is a good idea to develop healthy habits so that you can take care of yourself, your family and your job. If you spend more time on gaming than anything else then you may be a gambling addict.

Risky Behaviour Due to Addiction

Many addicts report engaging in risky behaviour and making bad decisions, such as spending too much money, due to their addictions. If you’re gambling without considering its consequences, it may be a sign that you need help. Seeking treatment is a good way to address these issues in your life and prevent them from getting worse.

Paranoia About Money and Gaming Sessions

If you begin to worry obsessively about money, or feel panicked that a past gambling session went badly, you may be addicted. If these feelings begin to consume your life and prevent you from having a normal relationship with family and friends or fulfilling obligations at work, then it’s time for serious self-reflection. Being addicted can lead to a host of problems; if left untreated it can lead into severe depression or even suicide.

Compulsive Behaviour

People who are addicted to gambling exhibit compulsive behaviour. This can be seen in their constant attempts to win money and by way of their inability to stop gambling even after they have lost a lot of money. Gamblers may often increase their bets in order to win back all that they have lost, thus making their losses even greater. When faced with losses, gamblers tend not only focus on regaining what they have already lost but also trying not to lose any more money as well.

Having Secret Debt Due to Gambling Addiction

Being financially dependent on casinos is one of many signs that you have a gambling addiction. Gambling addiction can take control of your life and cause you to put yourself in financial danger by incurring debt at such an alarming rate. If you find yourself owing more money than what you should be spending, it’s time to seek help from professionals. When people start experiencing financial problems from gambling, they tend to gamble even more—which is never a good thing because it will only put them further into debt.