Sexual Health Clinic near Me, Singapore: Where is the Sexual Health Clinic?


    Visiting an accredited sexual health clinic like Dr Ben Medical @ Raffles Place is usually a personal choice. However, it can be more than optional if you need help with testing and treatment for STIs, information, and advice on sexual health, and help with contraception, among others.

    The sexual health clinic in Singapore will be able to custom tailor your treatment to meet your specific needs. Getting the services of a sexual health expert may be just what you need if you want peace of mind, especially when you are unsure about your sexual health, and even better to safeguard your health considering that some STIs may render you infertile.

    What do they do at the Sexual Health Clinic?

    The sexual health clinic in Singapore provides free or low-cost confidential services to everyone who visits. As mentioned earlier, the staff will help you with issues like birth control, pregnancy testing and options counselling, STD screenings (if needed), HIV tests (for people 15 years old or older), and wellness exams, which are usually done by appointment.

    You can also expect the facility to ask you a couple of questions. Just like most patients, a relatively common question that could be bothering you is; what types of questions do they ask at the sexual clinic?

    Now, the questions you will be asked at the sexual health clinic in Singapore aren’t complicated in any way. However, the most important thing for you is to answer the questions as honestly as possible because they will lay the groundwork for the services you will receive at the facility. Real quick, here are three examples of the questions they ask at the sexual clinic and why they’re necessary;

    • Do you have a partner or multiple partners? If you have, are they different gender or same gender? Knowing if you have a partner or sexual partners will make it easier for the doctor at the sexual health clinic in Singapore to know the number of tests that may be appropriate for you. So, while this question may come out as rather confusing or invasive, it is prudent that you provide the most accurate answer.
    • Can you tell us your last sexual experience? In asking you to describe your last sexual experience, the clinician at the sexual health clinic in Singapore will basically expect you to explain if you had vaginal, oral, or anal sex. They will also want to know if you used any contraception when you last had sex. Again, this is another question that may sound slightly intrusive. Now, your sexual health expert will want to know your last sexual experience to be able to figure out which kind of tests they should order for you as they try to find out which ways your sexual history may have a hand in your exposure to some STDs.
    • Can you tell us why you have visited us today? This question may sound so random and even boring. Ideally, you may assume that your doctor knows that you have visited the facility to get medical help, so why should they ask again why you have visited the facility? Now, doctors do ask random questions because they want to know you. In some instances, your sexual health issue, for example, if you’re struggling with ED, would be attributed to repetitive stress or your daily activities. It can also help them figure out if high-stress levels or depression may be part of the health issues troubling you.

    Coincidentally, sexual health clinics do not provide care just for sexually related complications. They can also offer guidance and counselling to help you overcome some of the trying moments in your life.

    Having said that, it’s clear that your doctor at the sexual health clinic in Singapore isn’t interested in just the answers you give. They also want to know how your attitude and emotions play a part in your sexual health.

    How Often Should I Visit the Sexual Health Clinic?

    To begin with, there are no hard rules on the number of times you need to visit your sexual health clinic in Singapore. The number of times you will need to visit the facility will basically vary depending on your risk factors for different diseases. Here are basic recommendations you may find helpful when determining the number of times to visit a sexual health clinic.

    • If you have multiple sexual partners or if your partner has multiple sexual partners, your sexual health expert will want you to schedule visits to the facility at least every 90 days.
    • If you do not have a regular sexual partner and hardly have sex, it would help if you visit a sexual health clinic in Singapore at least once every six months.
    • It is also recommendable that you see a sexual health expert before you have sex when starting a new relationship.

    Where to find a Sexual Health Clinic in Singapore

    If you are looking for a sexual health clinic in Singapore online, the first step you may want to do is to search ‘sexual health clinic near me, Singapore.’ Using this search phrase on Google should give you a whole list of sexual health clinics in your neighbourhood.

    If you do not want to use the conventional way of finding a sexual health clinic, you may also use the direct way of going to  1 Raffles Pl, #04-50, Singapore 048616.

    This will bring you directly to Dr Ben Medical @ Raffles Place. You can use Google maps to quickly locate this facility. Here are a few things you will find valuable when choosing the best sexual health clinic in Singapore;

    • Ensure that your sexual health expert is patient. This will make it easier for you to get on the same page with them faster.
    • The staff at the facility must always make you feel welcomed and, even more important, show you respect when in the facility.
    • The sexual health expert should also ensure that you are comfortable.

    Final Word

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