Male Body Types and How to Get a Perfect One


    Usually, Male Body Types are addressed with the mainstream for fitness, and they are divided into three categories such as

    • Ectomorph
    • Mesomorph
    • Endomorph

    These three types can be easily and typically identifiable according to the male body types. But, these three types don’t fit everyone directly, and some people might be having combinational body types with these three types.

    For example, if a company wants to have an advertisement shoot for selling, servicing, or for a magazine page product, just like getting a six-pack within six weeks. This was far better for the sales if the male body was under the Ectomorph category.

    Suppose you can identify in which category you fall into. In that case, it is much easier to follow a flexible and effective health diet to maintain the fitness level constantly, creating a realistic feel.


    Breaking Down of Male Body Types

    • Ectomorph: This body type is characterized by tall and slim build individuals. Men will have a lean and narrow frame with this body type. This kind of body type is contained with a fast metabolism, which directs them to intake calories in higher amounts than an average person.
    • Endomorph: This body type is characterized by a rounded build with a large frame, large waist size, and bigger bones. In this kind of body, people can gain weight easily without exercise, which applies more fat than muscle.
    • Mesomorph: This body type is characterized by a medium-sized frame. This kind of body people can easily gain weight than ectomorphs, and it is very easy to lose weight. This kind of body type people usually has an athletic build type.


    Characteristics of Male Body Types



    • Lean muscle mass
    • Fast metabolism
    • Very low body fat index
    • Very thin
    • Lanky
    • Difficult level in gaining weight
    • Underdeveloped chest
    • Narrow and small shoulders
    • Small frame with the delicate bone structure
    • In height regards, Tall


    • Thick legs and arms
    • Slow metabolism
    • Gains muscles easily
    • Stocky build
    • Soft muscles
    • Flat chest
    • Often hungry
    • Strong upper legs
    • The difficulty level in losing fat


    • Well-defined muscles
    • Athletic build
    • Having average height
    • Rectangular shaped body
    • Normal metabolism
    • Strong generally
    • Gains fat very easily and fairly
    • Gains muscles easily
    • Big bones study frame


    How to Develop a Body Type?

    If you give regular exercise according to your body type, you can build a muscular body and attain a good body shape. Workout plans are different for every Male Body Type.

    • Ectomorph body type should follow a split workout plan by addressing the two body parts every day without fail, supplements should be taken heavily, and 15% of the cardio must be done.
    • Endomorph body type should follow a proper cycle to lose fat for getting a muscle definition. 40% of cardio workouts should be done, and food supplements should be watched out for because adequate proteins must be taken.
    • Mesomorph’s body type should follow an interval workout session and be careful about their diet and burst workouts that can be done for more than one part of the body. More compound movements should be included in the workout, like push-ups up to 12-18 repetitions and bicep curl, which only works on one body part.


    How to Get a Perfect Body Type

    To get a perfect body shape according to your body type, firstly find the type of your body and characteristics, then follow the workout plan which suits your body. Don’t go too wild about exercising because your body type may contain only limited energy with enough food supplements.

    Exercise should be part of our routine to convert our body into a perfect shape body.

    Some of the tips to maintain a perfect body shape are

    • Drinking lots of water
    • Intake of low-bloat diet
    • Three balanced meals should be maintained
    • Protein should be added to your diet for promoting muscle growth
    • Heavy night sleep
    • Accept your body type and fight with a workout plan to get the perfect shape.
    • Stay strong
    • Focus on HIIT (high-intensity interval training) workouts
    • Set your goals
    • Do yoga regularly to eliminate negativity
    • Should stay away from alcohol consumption, smoking, etc.,
    • A workout plan should be a part of your routine life
    • Dress up according to your body type to look perfect



    When you want to aspire, consider the workout plans by remembering the ideal and perfect body. In some cases, societal expectations might build a difficult level to reach fitness level but building a little positivity will take you to accept your body type. Make an upgrade to the healthiest version for gaining a perfect body shape.