Know Whether You Should Wear Compression Garments For Lymphedema Day Sleeves


During the day fit squeezing sleeves feels snugly in the arm from wrist to shoulder and tighter at the bottom than at the top. This of compression garments for lymphedema combination helps the lymph flow through the arm to the lymph nodes in the armpit. Pressure sleeves come in a variety of colors, including a variety of skin tone and a variety of prints.

Depending on the pressure sleeve sizes vary, in millimeters of mercury (mm Hg), which they place on the arm. In the United States, lymphedema suppression sleeves have the following categories Reliable Source:

  • The sleeves of the 1st class press 20–30 mm Hg on the arm.
  • The sleeves of class 2 have compression strength of 30–40 mm Hg.
  • The sleeves of Class 3 and 4 are custom order levels, and use 40–50 and 50–60 mm Hg, respectively, for pressure.

In the European Union, the system of separation is different:

  • The sleeves of the 1st class press 18–21 mm Hg on the arm.
  • The sleeves of class 2 have compression strength of 23–32 mm Hg.
  • The sleeves of the 3rd class have compression strength of 34–46 mm Hg.
  • The sleeves of the 4th class are more pressurized than the sleeves of the 3rd class.

The sleeve should give equal pressure and not fasten to the wrist or elbow. There should be no numbness or itching due to the arm.

Some pressure sleeves include a hand glove. A doctor or lymphatic therapist can help advice on the right choice of arm to reduce certain symptoms.

Wear Night sleeves Compression garments for lymphedema

Some people will need to wear a sleeve at night to control the symptoms of lymphedema. The night sleeves are usually plentiful and are made using foam or pads. Usually, they have flexible straps on the outside to add to or reduce pressure.

The night sleeve is said to be slightly looser than the day sleeve, but still provides constant pressure on the arm. It should not be so loose that it is twisted or tied, especially on the wrist or at the elbow joint.

Like day sleeves, the division of night sleeves is based on the stress they put on the arm. In both the U.S. and E.U., categories are similar to those of daytime sleeves.

How firm should they be?

The Compression garments for lymphedema compressed arms of lymphedema need to be strong enough to promote lymph flow up the shoulder but not so strong that it causes numbness or tingling.

A lymphedema therapist or a firm medical device company can ensure that a person gets the right arm. These craftsmen can also customize a person’s custom arm if necessary.

Can you wear sleeves during the day and night?

On the safety of wearing sleeves at night researchers have not yet done research. As day sleeves tighten, some experts believe it is unsafe to wear them at night. Anxiety includes a moving arm when a person is tossing and turning during sleep, which may cause further inflammation or impede blood flow.

If the doctor or lymphatic therapist recommends a day-to-day compression gown, one can talk to them during the day compared to the night sleeves.

How much does it cost?

Day sleeves can cost $ 50– $ 300A Reliable source of manufactured sleeves with high custom hand sleeves. Night sleeves are usually the most expensive, ranging from $ 200 to over $ 1,000Trusted Source.

Most private insurance plans do not include the cost of lymphedema compression sleeves. In its list of durable medical equipment or provide for its own provision medicare does not include lymphedema compression sleeves. Medicaid offers some inclusions, although these vary from province to province.

For some people the cost of compression lymphedema sleeves may be too high, especially as doctors recommend having at least two sleeves. Several organizations help with the cost of press sleeves:

For the purchase of lymphedema equipment CancerCare may offer a one-time grant. One can to speak to an oncology social worker.

 LympheDIVAs the partnership with cancer1Scource provides free or discounted goods for a limited number of people each month.

The National Lymphedema Network offers a clothing program for people with special financial needs physical therapists who are members of the network.