Hush-Kush smell proof bag


Carrying Cannabis with you and maintaining its quality without losing its taste and texture is highly advised. Are you having difficulties or insecurities in carrying your cannabis?  To carry cannabis without it getting folded, keeping it away from water reach and keeping its smell from anyone is not such easy. Hence the need to carry cannabis the right way and in a high quality bag. If you too have been looking forward to finding portable options to carry cannabis, then the Hush-Kush smell proof bag can be your ideal travel buddies. Hush-Kush smell proof bag is a type of Hush-Kush bag that doesn’t allow penetration of cannabis smell to anyone around. This makes your cannabis easier to carry around without worry of people noticing. The inside of the bag is coated with Beeswax  using  Perma-B™ technology hence making it smell proof and waterproof. Hush-Kush smell proof bag can be loaded with half-smoked joints, dried flower buds, all canna, both pre-rolls and smoking gears. Although the bag is lightweight, it can be customizable to ensure that your cannabis is safe from being folded. To understand the Hush-Kush smell proof bag better lets dive into its feature that will make you want to acquire one:

  1. These bags are made super lightweight.

This will ensure that they can be easily carried around without any difficulty and anywhere without the fear of getting exhausted.

  1. These are made odor proof.

Hush-Kush smell proof bag are made to ensure that the original aroma of your weed remains fresh.

  1. These are eco-friendly options that are also waterproof.

It ensures that you don’t worry about carrying cannabis while hiking and trekking or travelling where the weather can suddenly get moist and rainy.

  1. These bags have the option to be size customized as well. So, you can actually fit them in your pocket or carry them in your wallet too without anyone noticing you.
  2. Last but not the least, there’s nothing better than having a bag that’s washable and reusable.

Even after washing the Hush-Kush smell proof bag won’t lose its quality and its re-usability hence making it lasting.

These super economical features of the Hush-Kush smell proof bag ensure that your cannabis is well stored while travelling on any whether condition, be it Rainy, Icy or sunny. Hence maintaining its naturals smell and making sure its quality lasts no matter how long it’s stored.