How Reliable are COVID 19 Rapid Tests for Detecting Omicron?



Since its widespread transmission two years ago, the coronavirus has caused extensive changes across many business landscapes. Numerous enterprises hadto freeze their operations as lockdowns forced consumers to stay inside their homes. One sector greatly affected by the global health crisis is the tourism industry, with its market size taking a considerable plunge in 2020.

Besides the health measures imposed in public and tourist spots, authorities enforced other guidelines to help travel organisations get back on their feet. For example, travellers are required to present a fit to fly covid test result to ensure that they did not have the virus prior to travelling.

But despite the existing regulationsby the government, COVID’s mutations are causing disruptions to the containment efforts. Recently, the World Health Organization (WHO) announced the detection of a more contagious variant called the Omicron. This led to multiple questions about the reliability of the rapid antigen tests, which play a crucial role in identifying who is infected.

Tests that require lateral flow technology, such as the rapid antigen test, are considered one of the most effective ways to determine an infected individualduring a COVID-19 surge. This started multiple conversations among health authorities about whether antigen tests effectively detect the Omicron variant.

A US Food and Drug Administration study showed that rapid antigen tests can still detect the new variant, despite the decrease in sensitivity. However, it can still deliver a false negative, and it is advised to take another test to ensure that the result is accurate.

With research continuing to determine the effectiveness rate of rapid antigen tests, experts recommend some ways to ensure that the results provided will be more precise. If someone is already experiencing the symptoms, it is advised to take the test two days after it starts.

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