FAQs About Cosmetic Chin Surgery


    Countless men all throughout the United States and the world are becoming more interested in chin augmentation surgery, but of course even those interested in this type of cosmetic procedure are likely to have many questions before jumping in.

    We’ve teamed up with Dallas Surgical Arts, a chin surgery dallas specialist, to support us in developing this list of frequently asked questions that are specifically oriented around cosmetic chin surgery.

    So if you’re interested in learning more about this type of cosmetic procedure, keep reading on to see what the FAQs are for people who’ve already gone through it!

    What Exactly Is A Chin Augmentation Surgery?

    Chin augmentation surgeries are cosmetic procedures in which an individual’s chin project and height is slightly increased. The way this procedure is initiated is via an implant, but there are other scenarios in which a chin augmentation is done by moving around an individual’s chin bones.

    However, the most common way this type of procedure is conducted is by simply installing a chin implant.

    Why Do People Get Chin Augmentations?

    The overall projection of an individual’s chin is very important when it comes to balancing the overall aesthetics of the face. This is particularly pronounced when viewing someone from a profile angle. Many people will get a chin surgery procedure when they want to balance out their nose and forehead with the rest of their face, because a small chin can make your nose look larger and a larger chin can make the rest of your face seem smaller.

    Many people who feel as though they have a “top-heavy” facial appearance will look to chin augmentation for cosmetic balance.

    Is It Clearly Obvious When Someone Gets Chin Surgery?

    Chin augmentation surgeries are actually very common procedures, so it’s very likely that you’ve walked past someone who received this treatment and had no idea that they had a chin implant. This is partly because there are many people who are born with these types of large chins, so chin augmentation results tend to appear natural.

    Chin implants can’t be overdone like breast implants, which is why the results of this procedures are often subtle yet still profound from the patient’s perspective.

    Does Chin Augmentation Change Neck Appearance?

    When a patient increases the overall projection of their chin, their neck will subsequently appear leaner, more angular and more youthful. A lot of cosmetic surgery patients who believe they need a neck lift actually end up getting the results they were looking for when they get a chin augmentation.

    Who Do Chin Implants Make Such A Difference In A Person’s Appearance?

    Our chins always play a huge role in establishing the overall balance between our necks and our faces. Men are many times considered to be more attractive when their chins appear to be squarer and stronger as compared to feminine-looking chins, but there’s also a fine balance for both genders when it comes to chin appearance.

    People who have weak-looking chins simply don’t have the appearance that they are fit, healthy and energetic individuals. Strong chins give off the appearance of strength and overall self-confidence, which is incredibly important for so many people.

    Are There Any Alternatives To The Chin Implants?

    Most chin augmentation surgeries are done with the use of a chin implant, but there are also are other procedures that patients can undergo that cuts and moves a portion of the jawbone to develop an increase height of the chin and lower jaw.

    However, by far the most popular option with this type of cosmetic procedure is to get the chin implant.

    Is It Possible For Chin Implants To Move?

    Once the implant has properly healed after the procedure, it’ll stay in its position. It is possible that a chin implant will slightly move in the first couple of weeks after a surgery takes place because it hasn’t properly healed yet, but it’s a very uncommon problem.

    Correcting this type of problem is very easy and your doctor will surely be able to efficiently put the implant back into its proper positioning.

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    There’s a lot that people need to know when it comes to chin surgery procedures, and the above FAQs are just the tip of the iceberg in terms of everything you should be asking your cosmetic surgeon during your initial consultation.

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