Facts and figures of substance abuse treatment


Drug abuse is the biggest curse one can have. The addict definitely needs a therapy as a blessing to quit such habits. It is the best advice to enter the recovery program to overcome such abuse. In this day and age, all the recovery programs are versatile and one must choose the detoxification program along with the rehab recovery. It doesn’t mean that if you had made the decision of entering a recovery program, you will recover, but you need to make a complete mind set for the de-addiction.

Detox – Go for it

Understandably, detoxification is the process which varies from person to person. Depending upon how much addiction you have, the detoxification program will vary. You may need the detoxification first and then you can go to rehabilitation centre. It is basically the process of cleaning your body. In other words, it will clear up your system from the toxic chemicals. Majority of doctors agree that medical detoxification is the best you can have to get rid of toxic chemicals in your body. But a handful of medical professionals believe that IV detox is the best amongst all.

Of course, withdrawal symptoms are the worst symptoms, so detoxification does not only ensure the de-addiction treatment but it also ensure the symptomatic treatment. Unlike self-withdrawal, patient remains comfortable throughout the detox process. It is statistically evident that people who attend such programs are more successful in successful abstinence from the drugs as compared to the others who do it on individual basis.

Apart from this, residential and non-residential programs are the other options that one can choose depending upon their needs. When it comes to selecting the one program from the two, residential programs are the best because it does not only offer the 24*7 help in recovery but it also helps the patient to be in the likely environment which makes the addicts less stressful. If not, one can also choose native american 12 step recovery to ensure the complete and helpful recovery from the drug abuse. In non-residential programs, patient is supposed to report to the doctor on their own. So, it is the less favourite one among the patients.