Divorce in Ottawa: Follow these dos and don’ts


Before you can initiate divorce proceedings in Ottawa, there are a few basic aspects to consider. You (or your spouse) must have lived in Ontario for a year before the divorce to fulfill residency requirements. There are different grounds for divorce, including separation for a year, adultery, mental or physical cruelty. Note that you need to get a divorce to end a marriage legally. If you are just separated from your spouse, you are still legally married, no matter the time. Here are the dos and don’ts in a divorce to follow. 

The dos

  • Get a lawyer. Regardless of your circumstances, you need to hire an Ottawa divorce lawyer. Filing for divorce can be an emotional time, and it is necessary to have legal counsel on your side. Your lawyer can advise on your rights, interests and take care of the mediation and paperwork. 
  • Consider your decisions again. Do you really want physical custody of your kids? Can you resolve some of the divorce matters by settling for less than what you expect? Never make a decision in your divorce in haste. 
  • Keep the communication open. Your spouse should be able to approach you to discuss aspects of the divorce. While your lawyer can do the talking, you must not cut the communication lines. 
  • Think of your child’s best interest. Like it or not, your divorce will impact your children. However, you must think of your child’s interest over everything else. Don’t let your personal equation with your spouse cloud your judgment. 

The don’ts

  • Don’t post on social media. Unless you have a court order for your divorce, keep everything private. Posting on social media or discussing things in public can hurt your interests. 
  • Don’t take legal advice for everyone. Your friends and family members can offer considerable support and help for the emotional time. Still, when it comes to family law and divorce, you should take advice only from a lawyer.
  • Don’t fight with your spouse. Once you have initiated the divorce proceedings, do not fight with your spouse or engage in arguments. If you are not on talking terms with your spouse, let your lawyer play the mediator. When two lawyers are talking, the conclusions are likely to be reasonable. 

Check online now to find top divorce lawyers in Ottawa, and don’t forget to discuss the costs of the case in advance.