Did You Know these Details about the Banana Kush strain?


The cannabis community has created a Banana Kush strain that tastes and smells like Banana. It is a delightful strain that takes your mind up by providing it titillating energy as well. Let’s brush up on our knowledge of this strain.

A look from where it originated from

It originated from the West Coast and is counted as one of the top 5 strains popular across California and Colorado dispensaries. The crop has a genetic lineage that is unique and famous among cannabis growers. It is made from a blend of 60% Indica and 40% Sativa.

Aroma and Flavor

The strain aroma and flavor imitates the tropical Banana ready for the harvest. Aside from this dominant scent, its aroma is packed with hints of other tropical trees featuring pungent skunkiness due to its relation with the Skunk Haze plant.

The flavor is intense and earthy, but overall it makes a sensual, rich and delectable impact on the tongue that is difficult to resist.

Growth of the plant

The plant grows well in the indoor climate, where they receive a steady flow of light. It can also be grown outside if the right climatic conditions are met.

 Medicinal benefits

The strain removes stress and clears the head from doubts and false illusions. It channels the creativity among the individuals and injects motivational feelings. Its ability to spark imagination and drive innovation has made it popular in the US and other parts.


It is a superstar weed known for its medicinal and recreational properties.  Now, you can easily grow it at your home by referring to the Seed Supreme website.